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GEMPAR!! Datuk Patrick Wong dibunuh kerana pecah lobag rasuah pasir di Selangor - RPK

Ini bukan cerita rekaan saya, ianya adalah cerita yang dipaparkan oleh Blogger pro-Pembangkan, Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang kini berada di London.

Kalau seorang Datuk pun berani dibunuh kerana membocorkan rahsia rasuah di Selangor, inikan pula seorang pembantu peribadi  ADUN Ean Yong, Teoh Beng Hock yang telah memberi kenyataan tanpa dipaksa oleh Seruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia...

baca sendiri lah

sebelum tu tengok video ni dulu

The muder of whistleblower Dato’ Patrick Wong

By Raja Petra Kamarudin
 The last photograph I took of Dato’ Patrick Wong just months before he was murdered
This whole episode started in October 2009. Dato’ Patrick Wong and his wife were on a short visit to the UK to do a tour of England and Scotland. They spent some time with my wife and me where we managed to talk quite a bit about the state of affairs in Malaysia and how matters in Selangor are certainly a cause for concern.
One of the issues that Dato’ Patrick brought up was regarding the sand mining scandal in Selangor (which had yet to explode: it exploded the following year). The sand mining business is a multi-million Ringgit industry — and which was one of the many cash cows of the previous Barisan Nasional government. However, instead of putting this cash cow to sleep, it appears that some people in Pakatan Rakyat (meaning PKR, of course) have taken over the sand mining syndicate and are milking this cash cow till its tits run dry.
I had, in fact, heard about this matter even before that, at the time when I was still back in Malaysia (Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim also know about this). But I would need the tangible evidence, I told Dato’ Patrick. I can’t run an expose based just on ‘coffee-shop-talk’ (in spite of many thinking that this is exactly what I do). I need to see the hard evidence.
Whether I keep the evidence to myself — just to convince myself that the story is kosher — or whether I publish the evidence and make it public is another matter. Sometimes I do not publish the evidence but just keep it in the event I am challenged. Then, if I am challenged to reveal the evidence, I might just do that.
It is like playing a cat-and-mouse game or a game of poker. If you think I have an empty hand then let us raise the stakes. Place your bets and challenge me to show my hand. I can assure you that you will lose each and every time because I never enter a gunfight without bullets in my gun.
Dato’ Patrick agreed to become my whistleblower and work on getting me the evidence. As soon as he returns to Malaysia, he promised me, he was going to gather all the evidence and pass it on to me. He asked me to give him a month and probably by the end of November I would have a complete dossier revealing those in the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor who are involved in the sand mining syndicate.
Sad to say, that never happened. A couple of weeks later, Dato’ Patrick was murdered. His family (and all his friends, I included) believes it was an assassination carried out by hired killers. The police say it was an ‘innocent’ robbery. The medical evidence shows he was strangled and beaten to death (he was in a coma for a while before he died). The police say he died ‘accidentally’ when he fell off the balcony while trying to escape the ‘robbers’.
When I received a phone call telling me that Dato’ Patrick had died, I phoned some of my Deep Throats in the police as well as those in the underworld (yes, I do have underworld contacts). My Deep Throats confirmed that the assassins who murdered Dato’ Patrick were hired killers. It was not a robbery; it was an assassination ‘related to some business matters’, my contacts told me.
I trust my Deep Throats in the police and the underworld more than I trust the government. And if they say that Dato’ Patrick was murdered by hired killers, then that is the story I am going to believe. I do not believe the story that it was a robbery gone awry and that Dato’ Patrick’s death was accidental, the result of him falling off the balcony while trying to escape.
It took me almost three years to get to the truth. But I am one stubborn bastard. A good friend of mine has been murdered and I want to know the reason why. And now, after almost three years, I am in possession of the tangible evidence that reveals the ‘official’ story behind Dato’ Patrick’s death.
And this official story is full of holes.
The doctor’s report says that the cause of Dato’ Patrick’s death was a ‘blunt force trauma to the head with compression of the neck’. That was what the medical report says. My Deep Throats told me that Dato’ Patrick was strangled and then THROWN off the balcony. The police say he accidentally fell while trying to escape. How do they then account for the ‘compression of the neck’ (meaning strangled) if he accidentally fell from the balcony and was not murdered?
YB Nurul Izzah Anwar attended Dato’ Patrick’s funeral. And when Dato’ Patrick’s widow went to meet the police regarding her husband’s murder, the police commented that Dato’ Patrick was a Pakatan Rakyat supporter (because Nurul Izzah attended the funeral). Dato’ Patrick’s widow was then given the cold shoulder and ignored by the police.
This got me real pissed. Does this mean that the police are not interested to properly investigate Dato’ Patrick’s murder since he was a Pakatan Rakyat supporter? Actually, Dato’ Patrick was NOT a Pakatan Rakyat supporter. He was a Malaysia Today supporter. In fact, he was not too happy with what was going on in Selangor under the Pakatan Rakyat government. And that was why he wanted me to do something about it: such as expose the sand mining syndicate in Selangor.
Dato’ Patrick was murdered by three Chinese men. The police arrested three Chinese men: Chin Wee Siong (IC number 621106-04-5867), Kek Kim Ling (IC number 610809-10-5885) and Lee Thai Kean (IC number 800925-09-5087).
One was charged and the other two were released for ‘lack of evidence’. The police investigation revealed that there were two other men involved: one man named Robert and another named Pei Yau. These two were not arrested because they ‘cannot be traced’. According to the police, Robert is an underworld gambling syndicate boss. The police know his background but they can’t trace him.
Now we know why Robert ‘cannot be traced’. Guess who is the ULTIMATE boss of the underworld gambling syndicate? And no prize for the right guess! Hint: he shares the same name as the Prophet Moses.
Hello…IGP…what’s going on here? How come Raja Petra Kamarudin knows more about Dato’ Patrick’s murder than the entire Malaysian Police Force? Or is there a cover-up going on here? And what is the CID chief, Bakri Zinin, doing? Too busy beating up people in handcuffs to worry about a ‘minor’ murder case?
There is no way I can get justice for Dato’ Patrick. He is already dead and his murderers are going to get away unpunished — other than the one man, the sacrificial lamb that has been cited for robbery and will quietly ‘disappear’ once the brouhaha blows away.
But it was not a robbery. It was an assassination by hired killers. And although I can never get the police to rectify this injustice, I can at least get justice for Dato’ Patrick by doing the last thing that he wanted me so much to do just before he died: and that is to expose the sand mining syndicate in Selangor.
I really don’t know whether Dato’ Patrick was murdered because he was getting too close to the truth about what is going on in Selangor, or even if his murder had anything to do with the sand mining syndicate in the first place. But I am a person with a very suspicious mind. The fact that he was murdered (and that the police are covering up this fact) at the time he was working on getting the evidence I needed makes me want to suspect that a lot of money has changed hands to make this murder appear like an ‘innocent’ robbery gone wrong.
In the next episode I will reveal the details behind the Selangor sand mining syndicate with names and evidence of payments made to certain Pakatan Rakyat leaders. So stay tuned for the next episode of this report.
By the way, I was warned that I should not make this revelation because the Chinese Boss of those who murdered Dato’ Patrick is a very powerful underworld figure who has the police in his pocket. I was also warned that the underworld is very much involved in the sand mining syndicate and that even the local council officers fear them because the Chinese underworld has strong links to those in the Selangor state government.
Well, let me put it this way: if what happened to Dato’ Patrick also happens to me, then it will just confirm what I am saying even more. So bring it on. I live in Manchester in case you need to look for me. – Malaysia Today

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