Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Zuckerberg Is Selling Private Facebook Information To Highest Bidders

Source, COLN

DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS!  It turns out, the machinery for exploiting your own information, EVEN THAT SHARED ONLY WITH A FEW FRIENDS has been perfected so that TOTAL STRANGERS seeking to control  you, will have access to ALL your information which many people think, is only for their own friends and family, for example!


Frodo, throw Zuckerberg into the Mt. Doom!  Now!  
Zuckerberg lays down the law: One timeline to rule them all – Ideas@Innovations – The Washington Post

This year’s event brought the boldest proclamation yet of Zuckerberg’s Law — a Moore’s Law of sorts for the social media generation. Loosely stated, it means that the amount of content that can be shared online doubles roughly every 12 months. If you shared 50 things this year, you’ll share 100 things next year. The best part about this exponential growth in shared content, from Mark Zuckerberg’s perspective, is that Facebook is now finally positioned to profit from all the sharing and “like”-ing that’s going on across the Web. (Full disclosure: The Washington Post Co.’s chairman and chief executive, Donald E. Graham, is a member of Facebook’s board of directors.)

So, the Zionist war propaganda machine, the Washington Post, is part owner of Facebook?  HAHAHA.  Oh, oh!  Beware, everyone!  They are spying on you, they being WALL STREET.  Yes, the very same entity that millions of humans are demonstrating against this very month.  The same clowns who thought using 11/9/11 as the national warning alarm day are the same people who own and control Facebook.

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