Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Who leaked the story about Lim Guan Eng's son?

Gambar sekadar hiasan.
It is no secret that when Lim Guan Eng was made the Chief Minister of Penang, it shook the DAP hierarchy in the state, not least, the party's state chairman may have felt that he should carry that responsibility and not an import from Malacca.

Of course, DAP has always planted Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh in Penang in the hope that they may take the helm if the state ever fell into their hands and LGE's ascension to the state top post should not come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, there are many within the DAP that are not happy with LKS and LGE treating the party like their family business.

In Penang that unhappiness has been simmering close to boiling point with some complaining that the CM is not as he is portrayed in the Opposition media.

If the story about Lim Guan Eng's son turns out to be true then it could only have come out from the politician's inner circle.

The story continues to rile LGE accusing anti-Pakatan bloggers of spreading lies about him but in reality they only hinted at the personalities involved  as VVIP from a northern state.

"We did not have all the facts but we knew we had a story so we did not dare put the name into our blogs.

"After the first story came out we met a few people from DAP and they added the detail about the RM200,000 but we still had no concrete proof, only added confirmation that the story may be true after all.

"Malaysiakini was the one who put two and two together and went to ask LGE, if they did nto ask LGE the public would still be guessing which VVIP and son are involved," said Pisau.Net when asked by Pantai Reporter.

Simmer came to a boil when pro-Pakatan newsportal, Malaysiakini dug up the dirt after pro-Pakatan bloggers charged that the VVIP must be a BN politician, reasoning that only BN people would have RM200,000 to pay off the victim.

Having stumbled on some details, Malaysiakini then asked LGE about the veracity of the story and he blew his top, blaming anti-Pakatan bloggers for the story.

In Susan Loone's story, she went to Heng Ee School in Penang to get confirmation and reported that the picture being played in some of the blog are not of the actual victim.

That statement indicates that the case did take place and the victim is known to the school, it's just that the pictures used by bloggers are of the wrong person.

Malaysiakini's report further showed that a student was transfered from Heng Ee to St Xavier.

So now we know that the molest case actually happened but we do not know for sure that it involves Lim Guan Eng's son, who, coincidentally, was also transferred from Heng Ee to St Xavier earlier this year.

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