Thursday, 27 October 2011

US Government asked Google to remove police brutality videos

According to the Guardian, the US Government asked Google to remove videos of police brutality on its Youtube video sharing mega-site but the technology giant declined

US police have come under increasing pressure from the American public for record number of police brutality videos that are increasing in frequency and level of violence and senselessness.

Videos of old women and paraplegics being beaten or slammed to the ground is really causing revolt in the minds of the average American and more and more of them are campaigning against such brutal police tactics, which they claim started rising after the 9-11 attack on the Word Trade Centre twin towers in New York.

Many US skeptics continue to insist that the attack was planned by the US Government as a way of increasing surveillance and encroaching into the well-protected individual rights of Americans.

Read the full article from the Guardian HERE

below is the movie Loose Change that questioned many of the aspects of the 911 investigations

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