Thursday, 6 October 2011

PAS Supporters' Club: Hudud is unpopular and inappropriate

Actually they said selling Hudud now is like selling ice cream on a rainy day.

“Pas needs to think as politicians and look at all angles. How sure are they that hudud will not be used and manipulated by rival parties? How will talk about hudud benefit Pas now?” asked Pas Supporters Club president Hu Pang Chow.

Hu believes matters relating to hudud should be resolved and put on hold first to avoid any conflicts within Pakatan Rakyat component parties and confidence among the public as well.

Pas youth head Nasruddin Hassan today said the party’s non-Muslim club’s stand about not understanding hudud is because they choose not to learn about it.

When contacted Nasruddin said: “The matter had been discussed from time to time ever since the Kelantan Syariah Law Enactment 1993, and we had been engaging the non-muslims, including representatives from DAP and liberal groups like Sisters in Islam."

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