Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Obama getting more desperate as re-election looms

Change is good but people want more
America's first black president, or at least non-white president, started off on a high but is now struggling worse than anyone could imagine four years ago.

His promise of change seemed so uplifting and needed by America but, as anyone knows making a promise is one thing, keeping it is quite another thing.

Obama's failure to keep his promise of bringing home American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan can still be blamed on the system resisting his efforts but breaking his promise to keep lobbyists out of the White House and the Capitol Hill rang very hollow now that his Administration has the longest roster of lobbyists-turned cabinet members and administrators in the history of the country.

AS re-election looms, Obama is becoming desperate, to the extent of getting the State Department to spend USD70,000 on his memoirs, 'Dream of My Father'

Obi-wan has also been spending time with Hollywood bigwigs recently, in the hope that perhaps they could polish his image a bit...maybe do a movie about a heroic black president or something...wait a minute..that's been done...oh well, somethig else then.

Obama's efforts may nosedive if a comedy about the White House goes to production.

Apparently national network NBC has just ordered a pilot episode on a comedy about the White House from Obama's  former speechwriter, John Lovett.

Apparently the set-up is about a dysfunctional comedy that happens to live in 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House.

Aaah, the love he is showing for his former boss.

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