Monday, 17 October 2011

Michael Chong: Malaysians don’t deserve to be called maid abusers

The Star

Malaysia does not deserve the reputation that its people abuse maids as the majority of employers treat domestic workers well, said MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

He said the general statement that human rights groups had made about the employers did not paint a “true picture” as many treated their maids kindly and treated them like family members.

Chong stressed that most Malaysians did not tolerate maid abuse and were quick to report to the authorities so that errant employers would be punished.

“The maids whom I've met were brought over by neighbours who rescued them from their employers.”

Chong said the media and non-governmental organisations also played a watchdog role as they were quick to expose wrongdoings of abusive employers.

He said many Cambodians lived happily here with their employers.

Chong urged those who came across maid abuse to submit the victim's name and passport number to the authorities so that action could be taken.

Tenaganita executive director Dr Irene Fernandez, however, deemed the ban a “positive decision” towards ensuring safe migration for Cambodian workers.

She called on the Home Ministry to protect the rights of maids and reiterated the need for improving their rights under the Employment Act.

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