Tuesday, 8 November 2011

US Government to take over ALL MEDIA at 2pm today

Who needs the Printing Press Act when you have the magic takeover button

In all the horror stories of tyrannical Government and military coup, we hear that the people who want to commit the mass crime in the name of Government usually send their military or gunmen to physically take over television, radio and newspapers.

But the US is very different, most of the communication technology that we have today was developed for the military, everything from the internet to communication satellites to GPS are all formerly military - only stuff.

In the past when the Uncle Sam wanted to send an emergency broadcast, the TV and Radio stations would prepare to receive the material and transmit them to the public but now the Department of Homeland Security, through the Federal Communications Commission will try a new system where they just push a button and everything from TV to radio to streaming radio and TV and the internet in general and even cellphones will carry their message.

It simply means that they now have total control of the Media without having to put in place draconian laws like the Printing Press Act.

This should happen at about 1 a.m. Malaysian time . I know I will be in front of the computer to see how it will appear on the internet....

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