Thursday, 17 November 2011

Solid Evidence That PPSMI Works

Blogger Outsyed the Box is a long-time advocate of PPSMI and he fought hard in the last battle to keep PPSMI.

With the result of the UPSR now out, there are some numbers to analyse and determine if PPSMI really did cause students more problems and hurt their results.

Apparently not.

Syed says: So can the anti-PPSMI people answer this question : if PPSMI is so bad, then how come this year's UPSR results are "the best in four years"?

If PPSMI is bad, it should be the worst results in four years. Because that is what the anti-PPSMI people are saying, the performance of the students is going down. But here it says the performnace is the best in four years - it is going up.
Also last year 38,000 students scored straight As in all subjects in their PMR exams. Folks these are the PPSMI generation. They can handle Maths and Science in English. After eight years of PPSMI, the students are already getting accustomed to Maths and Science in English.

This is from The Star here

The best UPSR results in last four years

PUTRAJAYA: This year's Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results are the best of the past four years.

Of the 485,160 candidates who sat for the examinations, 269,021 had good scores with a minimum Grade C (not including straight A scorers).

"However, the number of straight A scorers reduced this year, from 10.02% in 2010 to 9.48% (46,012 candidates) in 2011.

"The percentage of candidates who scored below minimum achievement (those with grades D, E, or both) also decreased from 3.39% last year to 2.88% this year,"

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