Sunday, 11 December 2011

America caught red handed in Russia, and it is linked to Malaysia

NED caught funding Russian riots

By MyInfowars

The President of the National Endowment for Democracy,
Carl Gershman (pictured, second from the left), presents an award
to a Tunisian leader of the Arab Spring in November 2011.

The National Endowment for Democracy is a well known US -CIA funded NGO that is used by the American Government to destabilise any nations they deem unfriendly through engineered popular uprising that is typically rallied around the calls for more democracy or charges of human rights violations.

They are know to have played an active role in the Arab Spring series of street riots and demonstrations that led to the toppling of several Governments in the region.

According to this Wikipedia entry, the NED is fully funded by the US Government as forms part of their USAID overseas aid campaign, which is known as America's way of buying influence throughout the world.

Even Americans are starting to realise the real danger that the current US policy of using the NED to create unrest in faraway lands creates.

Inciting riots in faraway lands only creates hatred among the local population against America and this brings harm to the American people who have nothing to do with the vile policies of their Government. Of course many will argue that in a democracy, the people are ultimately responsible for the actions of their servants, ie the Government.

In this article, the links between the rioting and street demonstrations in Russia are now being linked to the NED, this takes things to a new level as Russia is a genuine military threat to the United States and has the capability to deliver nuclear strike to the heart of the USA.

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