Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Residents briefed on new Pantai Sewage treatment plant

The Pantai Sewage Works in Pantai Dalam is a key infrastructure element for Kuala Lumpur, processing the raw sewage from thousands of homes and offices in the city and surrounding areas.

It has been a constant eyesore and a source of some discomfort for nearby residence because on rainy days the terrible odour from the sewage treatment ponds would rise and spread to the surrounding residential areas.

The situation may change for the better in the near future as there are now plans to modernise the treatment plant and move it underground, that's right MOVE IT UNDERGROUND.

Chinese sewage treatment expert Beijing Enterprise Water Group (BEWG) is reportedly taking the lead in this project and last week they met with residence of Pantai Dalam to brief them about the project.

At this point in time we do not have the details but those who attended said the plans are impressive and they are looking forward to a less smelly Pantai Dalam.

Let's hope this comes sooner rather than later.

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